CNU 20 Coming Attractions: Charles Marohn, Jr., P.E., AICP, Executive Director, Strong Towns

Charles Marohn, the Executive Director of Strong Towns, is a Professional Engineer and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Marohn is the principle author of the Strong Towns Blog, a key contributor to the Strong Towns Podcast, and a widely acclaimed urbanist. He is a member of CNU’s NextGen and, with their collaboration, produced the popular, humorous “Conversation with an Engineer” video:

Engage with Marohn at CNU 20, in West Palm Beach, May 9-12, including during his appearance in the breakout sessions Why We Write: Prominent New Urbanist Authors Discuss Their Classic NU Books and Current Works, and the Critical Importance of Writing to the Movement alongside Chuck Bohl, Peter Katz, James Howard Kunstler, and Philip Langdon. Only at CNU 20!