Get Social at #CNU20

Whether in breakout sessions or in the hallways, CNU's annual Congress is the premier venue for conversations that shape the design of our communities.

Add your voice to the mix this Congress. As you participate in crafting hands-on solutions to vitalize our neighborhoods, cities and towns, share your thoughts by submitting direct to the CNU 20 Live Blog, use your Twitter account with the hashtag #cnu20 - post any links to Twitter with #cnu20 and be included in the CNU 20 section of our daily digital newspaper, The CNU Daily Review-, use your camera to make videos of your favorite CNU 20 experiences* and upload them to YouTube with the "CNU 20" tag. And keep tabs of it all on both your personal and the CNU Facebook page.

This is your Congress. Share it.

*(CNU encourages attendees to create videos during CNU 20, but please note we cannot grant access to the audio feeds from any mixing boards. Please use only your own equipment.)