CNU Initiatives at CNU 20

CNU’s initiatives advance bipartisan reforms that deliver market-based improvements to the economy, the environment and public health. Initiatives work to remove codes, standards, and financial and tax incentives that act as obstacles to the creation of vibrant, healthy, value-driven and better-performing live/work/walk districts.

Initiatives are member-led, so CNU members can share expertise and shape new ideas. At CNU 20, there are several ways to get connected with current CNU initiatives – and perhaps start your own. 

Miami Architect/Author Steve Mouzon To Receive 2nd Annual Michael Barranco Award

Steve Mouzon, founder of the New Urban Guild and “Original Green” advocate, will become the first living person to receive the Michael Barranco Award honoring the memory of Jackson, Mississippi architect Michael Barranco, who was killed in a 2011 car crash.

Today's Best Form-Based Codes

Mark your CNU 20 calendar for Friday, May 11, 2:00-5:00pm for the 2012 Driehaus Form-Based Codes Awards.

Board Elections and Member Meeting at CNU 20

Over the past 2 months, CNU members have been casting their votes in CNU's first Board election process. The culmination of this process will be at CNU's annual Congress in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here are a few key dates and times to remember during CNU 20:

Wednesday, May 9 at 5:30pm: CNU will officially open a meeting of the members at the opening plenary.

Thursday, May 10 at 8:30am: CNU Board Chair Victor Dover and President & CEO John Norquist will present the candidates for the Board.

Award-winning DecoBike Program Partners with CNU & City of West Palm Beach for CNU 20 Bike-Share

DecoBike is joining forces with CNU 20 and the City of West Palm Beach to provide a sustainable, alternative form of transportation for all attendees.

Starting on May 9th and running through May 12th, DecoBike will have several solar-powered bikeshare stations and dozens of DecoBikes conveniently installed at sites around the City of West Palm Beach.

DecoBike station locations include the Palm Beach County Convention Center, CityPlace and the his

CNU 20 Book Signing with Robert Gibbs

CNU 20 speaker Robert Gibbs is having a book signing event on Thursday, May 10th from 3:15pm-3:45pm at a table in the CNU 20 bookstore.

Considered a leading urban retail planning consultant, Gibbs' new book, Principles of Urban Retail Planning and Development, provides insights and case studies of sustainable retail development necessary for both historic downtowns and new urban communities.

Open Source Congress at CNU 20

The Open Source Congress is a grassroots, ad hoc forum that gathers annually during the Congress for the New Urbanism. It feeds the problem-solving energy for which CNU is famous and helps attendees connect over questions of mutual interest.

Read the Full CNU 20 Program Book! Now!

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  • AuthentiCity: Urban Design Competition

    AuthentiCity is an urban design competition held in conjunction with the Congress for the New Urbanism’s 20th annual Congress in West Palm Beach, Florida. Bringing the world’s foremost minds in urban design, planning, architecture, engineering, and policy making together offers a unique opportunity to give back to the host community of West Palm Beach.

    This year, a choice of two sites are offered for the competition. AuthentiCity's organizers feel that the redevelopment of both sites are key to the health and future of downtown West Palm Beach’s adjacent neighborhoods.

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    The annual Congress is the best opportunity for the next generation of leaders of the New Urbanism to connect with the current crop of New Urbanist leaders and practitioners.

    CNU's Congresses are a chance to come together and share ideas, debate the issues, and identify solutions to the shape, design and vitality of our communities.

    CNU is committed to keeping the cost to attend the Congress affordable for students.