Open Source Congress

The Open Source Congress is the DIY forum that arises annually during the Congress for the New Urbanism. You can use the time and space to talk about new ideas, find help on a thorny problem, or work on a CNU initiative.

Follow updates on Twitter at #cnuopen and at the Open Source Facebook page.

The Open Source Congress will begin immediately after the Thursday Morning Plenary, "Looking Forward: New Urbanism and the New World," and run throughout the Congress. Check the Breakout Sessions schedule listings for more.

After the Congress
This year, the Open Source notes and follow-up will truly be do-it-yourself. Open Source Hosts will be given a sign-in sheet to keep for participants’ contact information. A Posterous site has been set up for posting session notes, and anyone with the site email address can post their notes simply by emailing them to the address. If participants want to move Initiative items forward, they should contact CNU staff after the Congress.
To post, send email to